Walküre porcelain factory

Made in Germany

Walküre cup filter

Quality, design and preparation

The Walküre cup filter is expected to be available at winter

The production of the Walküre cup filter requires very special craftsmanship and the knowledge and experience of our longest standing employees. The double sieve formed from hard porcelain is completely glazed through and has been manufactured in our porcelain factory “Walküre” for more than a century. Only the Karlovy Vary preparation guarantees health- and stomach-friendly coffee without foreign taste and with the purest aroma. Without filter paper and sieve carrier, the cup filter with the porcelain double sieve gently removes fats, oils, sugar and acids.

Pour 10-15 grams per cup of semolina-fine ground coffee powder directly onto the porcelain double sieve in the top container. Place the water distributor on top and slowly pour in boiling hot water. After brewing, remove the strainer attachment and enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee.