Walküre porcelain factory

Made in Germany


Italian lifestyle “made in Germany”

The porcelain factory Walküre and the designer Thomas Wenk developed the espresso series “rossi”. Thanks to some coincidences the connection with the renowned porcelain factory Walküre was established not far from the festival hill in Bayreuth.

An intensive partnership began:

Thomas Wenk, as designer and practitioner on the one hand, and Porzellanfabrik Walküre as specialist for professional coffee speciality tableware on the other hand.

The cooperation bears fruit – the result is the impressive series “rossi”.

The secret lies in the slant.

The aim and the idea was to develop a modern espresso cup which meets all requirements of a barista. With “rossi”, this task has been accomplished in the most excellent way: Size, material thickness, swing and handling – everything has been optimally solved.

The special material thickness of the cup serves to store the energy on the hot espresso machine and to keep the espresso warm for a long time. The fine rim at the mouth – created by the sophisticated slant – is easy to drink and allows the fine coffee aromas to develop more effectively – similar to a wine glass. The espresso nests perfectly in the mouth due to the thick inner roundness and the crema brought along can fully unfold on the surface. The outer shape and handle complete the contemporary impression.

Walküre-rossi is available in the following decors: