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Made in Germany

Karlsbad coffee maker

The Karlsbad coffee maker is expected to be available at winter

The original made of porcelain

“To savour the full aroma of coffee is an art”. Experts agree on this. They recommend as the most gentle way of preparation the Karlovy Vary method with the original Karlovy Vary coffee maker made entirely of porcelain, handmade for over a hundred years.

It works without a filter bag and metal sieve. The aroma can develop unadulterated. The special feature for the gastronomy: The fragrant coffee can be prepared directly at the table in front of the guest.

Design: factory design


The Karlsbad coffee maker preparation


Brewing coffee without any foreign taste and enjoying the purest aroma – only the Karlovy Vary preparation achieves this. Without filter paper and sieve carrier, the coffee machine with the through-glazed porcelain double sieve gently removes fats, oils and acids. The ideal amount of coffee is around 40 grams for a large pot.

Pour 8-10 grams per cup of finely ground coffee directly onto the porcelain double sieve in the top container.

Place the water distributor on top and slowly pour in boiling hot water.

The water now runs down through the coffee powder and the double sieve through the jug.
After brewing, remove the strainer attachment and serve directly in the jug.

The tradition guarantees quality. The fine and through-glazed double sieve is the core and “secret” of the Bayreuth coffee maker. No filter, but the best aroma.

Tradition meets modernity. The Bayreuth coffee maker dresses the almost 100-year-old original in a new garment and preserves the proven brewing principle. In short: A pleasure for eyes and palate. Committed to tradition. The Bayreuth coffee machine is manufactured with the same craftsmanship and hard porcelain quality as the 100-year-old original.

The tradition sets the standards. Enjoy the quality of the coffee according to the Karlsbad method no matter whether you brew with the Original Karlsbad coffee maker or the Bayreuth coffee maker. The taste is convincing.