Walküre Porcelain Factory

Made in Germany

For more than 120 years the porcelain brand Walküre has been developing from pioneering spirit as well as innovative and entrepreneurial courage. Today, Walküre is well known in the porcelain and catering industry and stands for craftsmanship and design, love of detail, tradition and innovation; they are all interwoven. Friesland Porzellanfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional German company that has specialised in the production of porcelain and earthenware tableware since the last century. The company was founded by Horst Bentz under the name “Porzellanfabrik Friesland”. Friesland Porzellan stands for clear forms and high functionality as well as consistent handicraft quality: Made in Germany. The Walküre products are manufactured in the Friesland factory in Varel and are also delivered from there.


With our products we have set trends that have decisively changed the market.
Away from entertaining currents and “playful” looks, our products carry a clear and
timeless handwriting. Numerous awards testify to our creative work.


clear and timeless


Coffee in its finest form


Italo-American coffee culture


and Buffet

Bayreuth coffee maker

classically elegant

Karlsbad coffee maker

classically beautiful

Walküre Cup filter

Coffee –
healthy and


Made in Germany


Our philosophy is clear: We produce 1-A products with origin and innovation. An origin that results from craftsmanship, skill and unrelenting innovation.

This is the standard we have set for ourselves and our products – for over 110 years. This is what drives us, documents our progress and awakens our joy of innovation. We guarantee first-class products with the necessary eye for a value-oriented understanding of quality. We look back with pride to our roots. But we also look ahead with determination and passion. Because for us, it goes without saying that all this goes together: Craftsmanship and design, a sense of proportion and computer control, tradition and innovation.